New year, new rental home

The new year is not just about resolutions or the post-holiday spending crunch. In many cases, the new year also brings with it new hopes and dreams, often arising from changes in life plans. And what does every life plan need? Without doubt, a home.

Will this new year be the one in which you finally become independent? Begin to live with your partner? See the family grow? And the personal sphere aside, what about your career? Is this the year in which a new opportunity takes you to another city? Or is it the year in which you start your own business?

Whatever your new life plan, Testa Residencial has the rental home for you. Start the new year with the ideal rental home from Testa Residencial.

New year, new life

If you start 2020 moving to the big city to begin a master’s degree, for example, or receiving a salary increase that allows you to live on your own, at Testa Residencial we have perfect developments for these new life plans and at prices which are affordable for single people.

Examples include our developments in Ensanche de Vallecas and in Plaza de Castilla, in Madrid, locations where, in addition, rents are rising.

And in towns on the outskirts of the large cities, such as Móstoles, also in Madrid, our developments offer the opportunity to rent a home with more than one bedroom at prices that are also affordable for a single person.

Does 2020 present a good career opportunity which involves a new life in the capital? For those who are beginning this new life Testa Residencial also offers rental properties in line with their needs close to the country’s main financial centres. If you don’t want to be alone in the big city, you could consider the coliving option and choose to rent a home with, for example, work colleagues.

What if the change of career is in another direction? If your home has also become your workplace, either because your company allows you to work from home or because you’ve become a freelancer, at Testa Residencial we also have your ideal rental home.

And if the family is growing, maybe it’s time not only to change home but also neighbourhood. Perhaps with kids as part of the equation a residential environment may be more attractive. And at Testa Residencial we have a wide range of developments available for growing families!

So, whatever your new life plan in this new year, look for the best home for it. You can count on Testa Residencial’s rental properties to help you. Happy New Year!

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