Christmas decoration suggestions for the home

Whatever kind of home you rent, we would like to give you some ideas about how to decorate it for Christmas. Read on!

The Christmas season is just days away and the streets, shops, shopping centres and even offices are full of Christmas spirit.

And what about home? Has the Christmas spirit taken over your house yet? You’d better hurry if you don’t want to miss out! To help you, we at Testa Residencial, a property company specialising in home rentals, would like to give you some ideas about Christmas decorations for the home.

Think! Do you want traditional Christmas decorations for your home? Or do you prefer a minimalist touch? Whatever your style, make a plan in your head of the distribution of spaces and choose the rooms or corners you want to look Christmassy.

The Christmas tree

Do you know where to put it yet? In the dining room, hall? If the tree is already up, take out the decorations and begin to decorate it. A recommendation; make sure it has plenty of lights! Choose a string of lights with two colours and arrange them from the top down. If you’re a traditionalist you must put a star at the top of the tree. At the base, hide the support or pot with a piece of cloth or wrapping paper with Christmas motifs.

Christmas window decorations

Do the windows in your house have interior window sills? Use them! Fill them with Christmas decorations (figurines, objects, candles, etc.). Make a display with them and add details in silver or gold.

Baubles are an essential part of Christmas decorations for the home

Don’t just hang them on the tree! Put some on a transparent glass platter or tray as a centrepiece for a table or on a piece of furniture as a decorative item.

Pictures that are worth a thousand words

Think about all the Christmases there have been in your life and look for old photos. Photos in which you appear with someone who is no longer with us or of your child’s first Christmas. Dust them down and let them shine! Hang them on a white wall and frame them with a garland.

By candlelight

If you’re a fan of candles all year round, give them a Christmas feel at this time of year. Put a ribbon or some fir tree twigs round them. You don’t like candles in the house? At Christmas you must make an exception! They are a decoration that lights up the house.

The children’s Christmas

I’m sure you’ll agree; the best part of Christmas is the kids’ excitement. Why not decorate their rooms too? There is a host of things we can do to make the kids’ bedrooms look Christmassy.

Christmas messages in every corner

Something very simple but which adds a personal touch is to put up Christmas greetings throughout the house. Messages written in your favourite designs, anything goes! Put them in conspicuous or unexpected places. Use different frames, you are sure to surprise your guests!

At Testa Residencial we hope these Christmas decoration ideas have been of use to make your rental home shine this Christmas.

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