Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to reduce expenses?

Cuesta de Enero: Reduce Gastos en Alquiler de Vivienda

Here we are in January again with the post-holiday spending crunch, when for many of us one New Year’s resolution is to save money.

If we are going to take this resolution seriously -and January is the best month to do so given the post-holiday spending crunch – we need to look at our family and personal budgets to see where we can save a few euros.

In the vast majority of cases which is the item that costs us the most? Very probably the monthly mortgage or rental payment.

The cost of buying a house accounts for around 25% of a family’s income while according to Idealista Data figures, the cost of renting is currently around 30%. With the increase in rentals in recent months, in some regions of Spain renting a home is even more expensive than buying one.

However, this is not the case in all of Spain: in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona the situation is very different, and buying a home eats up far more salary than renting one.

The post-holiday spending crunch, a good time to change your rental home


With a mortgage it may be more difficult to cut costs but why not look for a cheaper rental home? This might be the most important step you can take not only for this and future Januaries, but also in order to be able to more comfortably reach the end of any month of the year.

For those seeking the best value for money, Testa Residencial offers a wide range of rental properties at very competitive prices.

Some examples can be found in Madrid, a city with one of the highest levels of prices in Spain in terms of home rentals, but where finding an affordable rental home is possible with the help of Testa Residencial.

Our developments at Paseo de la Dirección, Conde de Orgaz, Puentedey and Ensanche de Vallecas, all include one and two bedroom properties for less than 1,000 euros a month and prices are even lower outside the capital in towns in the outskirts. This kind of development can be found in towns such as Alcorcón, with properties from 490 euros a month; Móstoles, from 650 euros a month; Leganés, from 690 euros a month; and Majadahonda, from 940 euros a month.

What about other cities? For those looking to rent a home in other provincial capitals, Testa Residencial also offers its clients some of the best value for money flats on the market. Examples include A Coruña, with flats from 625 euros a month; Alicante, from 650 euros a month; San Sebastián, from 439 euros a month; Málaga, from 595 euros a month; and Sevilla, from 775 euros a month.

So, if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to reduce expenses by changing your rental home, be sure to check out Testa Residencial’s range of properties. Also, ‘as a client of Testa’, you can benefit from discounts and special terms and conditions offered by our partners.

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