About Us

Who we are


We are the leading property company in the rental housing sector.

We currently own over 11,000 properties, distributed throughout the main Spanish regions and cities.

Since our beginnings, the company has maintained constant growth based on the professional management of its portfolio and the incorporation of new properties in order to provide housing solutions wherever our customers needs them.

We believe that the flexibility provided by renting vs buying a home makes it the best option at present for living.

The commitment and experience of Testa Residencial’s professionals in the sector and the undisputed quality of our properties are the basis of the company’s success. Being the national leader in the management of residential rental properties means full responsibility for the 20,000 plus people who already live with us.

Partners Programme

As a customer of Testa Residencial you will be able to benefit from the discounts and special terms and conditions offered by our associates.

Identify yourself as a Testa customer and begin to enjoy them!


Selectra: Savings in electricity and gas

Selectra takes care of everything to do with gas and electricity from the initial contract to a reduction in the current tariff – exclusively for Testa customers – ensuring that users save time and, above all, money, leaving you free to concentrate your energy and money on the most important thing: your home.

Selectra: Savings in electricity and gas


Seguros Bilbao: Home insurance

Do you want to save money on your home insurance? Seguros Bilbao offer a tailored insurance policy created for you as a Testa customer, a policy designed for your rental property and with the best types of coverage, but, above all, at the best price.

Seguros Bilbao: Home insurance


Santander: EXCLUSIVOS programme

There are many advantages to being a Testa customer. Now, with Banco Santander you can benefit from special terms and conditions for your bank account, improved financing and, what’s more, if you need a bank guarantee, you will find unequalled terms and conditions.

Santander: EXCLUSIVOS programme


Home Essentials: Furniture hire

No furniture? No problem. With Home Essentials any property can be furnished for as long as required and with the furniture/accessories you need. Hiring your furniture, household appliances and fixtures and fittings means any house can become a home. What’s more, just by identifying yourself as a Testa customer you can save between 35% and 45% on standard prices. Only available in Madrid.

Home Essentials