In Testa Residencial we care about singles


Although it might seem impossible…You are not alone! At Testa Residencial we provide access to housing specially designed for singles at affordable prices

Leisure, travel, food…even insurance! Offers for almost everything are increasingly aimed at a growing population segment, the so-called singles, people who through their own choosing or by chance, live alone and independently.

According to Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE) figures for 2017, the number of households occupied by singles rose by 1.2% on the previous year, to 4.63 million. On the other hand, households occupied by childless couples fell by 0.3% to 3.86 million.

As mentioned above, offers for “almost” everything are aimed at this increasingly popular life option. But, in many cases, this “almost” ignores a large market: housing.

Although, as the INE figures indicate, the number of households occupied by singles is increasing, in many cases banks and landlords continue to prefer couples when granting mortgages or renting. Two salaries are more attractive than one when assessing the risk of default, even if the “one” is bigger than the other two together. The ‘casting effect’ we spoke about in previous editions of our blog reappears.

Similarly, house prices also have two people in mind. The sale price of a home for a single person is only 18% lower than that of a house designed for two. A similar situation arises with renting, as homes designed for singles are usually only 13% cheaper than housing for couples.

The costs associated with a house (water, electricity, heating, internet, etc.) have to be added to this and are, once again, assumed by just one person.

At Testa Residencial we are aware of the problems faced by those who live alone. In this respect, some of our developments are aimed at meeting the needs of the singles segment, with a range of apartments designed with them in mind and, most importantly, at prices that they can afford.

Examples include our developments in Ensanche de Vallecas and la Plaza de Castilla, in Madrid, locations where, in addition, rents are rising. And in towns on the outskirts of the large cities, such as Móstoles, also in Madrid, our developments offer the opportunity to rent a home with more than one bedroom at prices that are also affordable for a single person.

If you are a single, remember… You are not alone! Testa Residencial is on your side.

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