Renting a home in a residential area

Renting a home in a residential area | Testa Residencial

Living in a large city doesn’t have to mean living in the centre, with the crowds and the traffic, where sometimes noise makes it difficult to sleep and where, on leaving the house, all you see is asphalt. This is an interesting option for many people but not for all. For some people it could have been ideal years ago, but now they fancy a change. So, if you are looking for renting a home in a residential area, keep reading!

A few weeks ago we talked about the advantages of renting a home close to business areas, now we want to talk about the advantages of living in the outskirts of large urban centres.

Living in the city centre does not mean quality of life for everyone. In fact, for many citizens of Madrid – both natives and immigrants – quality of life begins beyond the M-30 ring road. The same is true for many people who are getting on or who have had children!

As large cities have spread, living in the outskirts has become very different from living in a large city.

Wide avenues, garden areas, parks, and areas in which to practise sport are some of the attractions for those who prefer a more residential environment in which to live.

But it is not just a question of the environment. The properties usually have different characteristics to those of the city centre. The buildings are usually more modern and comprise gated residential communities with swimming pools, children’s play areas, etc. Also, car parking is less of a problem as all these gated residential communities have one or two parking spaces or are located in areas where it is easier to park in the street.

At Testa Residencial we offer home rental developments in this kind of area. So, if quality of life for you means going for a run in the park in the morning, taking the kids for a swim in the pool or enjoying green areas, wide avenues, etc., be sure to visit our more residential developments.

And all this without being too far from the city centre.

Renting a home in a residential area with Testa Residencial

In Madrid, we offer home rental developments with these characteristics in neighbourhoods such as Conde de Orgaz , Las Tablas and Ensanche de Vallecas

At the same time, if you are looking to escape from Madrid, we can also offer residential developments in towns close to the capital: Alcorcón, Móstoles, Getafe and Las Rozas are some options.

In the case of other large cities, such as Barcelona, we also offer developments located in towns close to Catalonia’s main city such as Badalona or San Cugat.

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