Co-living, an enriching way of life

Co-living | Living With Wormates

Nowadays, living with workmates goes beyond just sharing expenses. It involves creating an atmosphere that enables ‘colleagues’ to grow both on a personal and career level.

Co-living is a logical extension of co-working; the collaborative economy is gaining strength. Flat sharing is now common but co-living takes this a step further as the flatmates are also workmates.

In addition to a ‘roof’, flatmates also share professional projects and challenges. It is a way of life in which both personal and professional synergies are bound to arise.

Silicon Valley was the birthplace of this lifestyle. Many tech entrepreneurs and professionals found great job opportunities there but nowhere to live. This increase in demand for rental properties led to a sharp rise in rents. Given this situation, many companies decided to provide their employees with a place to live and work. Also, many professionals opted to share a flat with their workmates. Entrepreneurs sought properties with their professional colleagues in which to both work and live.

Co-living has benefits beyond sharing expenses or living close to one’s place of work. Living with people with whom one shares projects, challenges and dreams results in a greater understanding of one another, the sharing of experiences and learning, and the creation of ideas, strategies and plans which help achieve career success.

This trend is already well established in cities such as New York, London, Berlin and Amsterdam, and, in Spain, Madrid and Barcelona look like following suit. According to a report by Juniper Research, co-living is expected to generate a 40,000 million dollar plus industry by 2022.

The co-living phenomenon is part of the way of life and way of thinking of the millennial generation. By living together they not only share expenses but also create a collaborative community with common goals. They aim to grow together in all aspects.

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