If the family is growing… it’s time to look for a two-bedroom flat!

Buscar Piso Dos Habitaciones cuando la Familia Crece

The moment you discover there’s a baby on the way is a time of joy, nerves and doubts, especially when it’s the first. A new member of the family means a lot of changes and only nine months to get organised! One of parents’ most frequent concerns when the family is growing is that their home will be too small, especially if they live, for example, in a small apartment in the city centre. In that case, the home is sure to be too small!

Obviously the needs of a couple without children change completely with the arrival of the baby. They seek quieter areas in which to live, with parks and schools nearby, cleaner air, and less traffic. If it’s sometimes difficult to get to sleep when you live in a busy city centre neighbourhood imagine with a baby in the house! Noise, traffic, bars open until late, etc. will make the baby cry even more while the sleep of both parents suffers.

So, in order to get rid of the bags under their eyes and enhance their quality of life, many parents decide to move to a residential area when the family increases in size. In this way they can enjoy the advantages of living in the outskirts without moving too far from the city centre.

Advantages of two-bedroom flats in residential neighbourhoods

1. You can go for a walk in parks and garden areas and breathe fresh air, instead of being surrounded by blocks of concrete and a multitude of polluting vehicles. Being able to go for a walk with your children without having to hear constant traffic noise is a privilege and contributes to quality of life, something that cannot be enjoyed in city centre neighbourhoods.

2. Most of these gated residential communities have a swimming pool, so you can enjoy a refreshing time with your baby, practically at the door of your house. When the children are so small the logistics involved in visiting a municipal swimming pool or the one at the gym means we often consider it a “mission impossible” and are unable to enjoy these moments. However, the “mission” next to home is not “impossible”. Also, the when the baby is older they will have a great time. Childhood summers with a swimming pool are a source of happy memories later in life.

3. And of course there must be a bicycle too! In order for the little ones to enjoy rides and races on two wheels or experience the rite of passage represented by the removal of the stabilisers, all in a safe environment, there is nothing like a gated residential community in whose common areas the little ones can play and have fun with their neighbourhood friends.

4. But it is not only the surroundings that make many parents decide to move to residential areas when the family grows. The properties in these neighbourhoods are usually more modern, which is also a great attraction of these gated residential communities.

5. And if what is holding you back is the distance to the city centre, either because you work there or because your family and friends live, there, weigh up the pros and cons. Yes, these residential neighbourhoods are usually located in the outskirts, but nowadays they have the best connections, both by public transport and by car. Also, you can forget about parking problems, as these kinds of gated residential communities usually have parking spaces or are located in areas where it is easy to park in the street, so you won’t have any problems.

So, if your family is about to increase and your current home is not big enough for a “new occupant” or you just want a change of scenery, don’t hesitate to consider a move to the outskirts. At Testa Residencial we offer property rental options in residential areas where you can enjoy all the benefits of these neighbourhoods. In Madrid, for example, you can have a look at the developments we have in the areas of Conde de Orgaz, Las Tablas and Ensanche de Vallecas, for example. We also offer rental developments for properties with these characteristics comprising flats with two or more bedrooms in towns close to the capital such as Móstoles and Leganés, in the south of the region, or Las Rozas, Torrelodones and Majadahonda, to the west.

If the family is growing…at Testa Residencial we are at your service.

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