‘Wanted’: a rental home with terrace

Looking to rent a home? This is a good time of year for it and for many people a terrace is a plus when choosing a rental property.

The good weather’s here and with it the chance to work on that sun tan and to enjoy a spot of reading in the evening breeze or a nice al fresco dinner with friends.

And what could be better than being able to do it at home? If you’re looking to rent a home that allows you to enjoy all these small pleasures of life, consult Testa Residencial’s range of rental properties with terrace.

In Madrid, for example, we have various housing developments that will allow you to enjoy summer al fresco dining. Located in various areas of Madrid such as Conde de Orgaz, Las Tablas and el Ensanche de Vallecas, among others, these housing developments mean you can enjoy the summer without missing that dip in the sea.

If you live on the coast, Testa Residencial also has developments for renting properties with a terrace in cities like Alicante, Málaga and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, among others.

How should I furnish the terrace of my rental property?

If you have already decided on a rental property with terrace the next step is to make it special, to stamp your identity on it.

If you want to give your terrace that special touch keep reading! We suggest below some ideas to make that special area of your home unique.

  • The first consideration is the available space. There are great ideas for making the most of any size of terrace. One option is to use multi-functional solutions, a storage bench, for example. Another possibility is to choose items that don’t take up too much space. For example, folding chairs without arms.
  • Why not add a touch of greenery? If you like gardening, furnish your terrace with a small greenhouse. There are even ones designed for small spaces. You can choose from wood, metal, etc. Add flowers and plants in pots. In addition to keeping the terrace cool they offer privacy.
  • Do you want to make your terrace even prettier? Decorate it nicely. A good mix of textiles will make it stand out; from cushions to rugs. But make sure the materials are appropriate for outside use before buying them. In that way they will last longer.
  • And if you are lucky enough to have a large terrace like those in our attics consider whether to buy sun loungers, a table and chairs or other options. If space is tight but you don’t want to give up anything, choose folding options. And if you want to add a splash of colour why not choose a variety of different colours? Chairs with different designs will give a touch of originality.

So, if you want to “put a terrace in your summer” look no further! You have already found it thanks to Testa Residencial.

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