Tips on how to combat the heat efficiently

We have already had the first heat wave of the summer. And there is still a lot of summer left! It is at this time of year that we usually resort to air conditioning at home in order to cool down. Many rental properties have these systems, and, often, their use leads to an increase in electricity consumption and in the electricity bill.

So that staying cool does not hit our wallets we need to adopt certain measures aimed at energy efficiency, which not only lead to savings but also help to look after the environment.

It’s a fact that the highest percentage of household electricity consumption comes from the use of air conditioning systems.

To combat the summer heat, the first thing we need to do is choose an appropriate air conditioning system, with an optimal size and efficiency, according to the needs and dimensions of the rooms of the house.

When regulating the temperature, remember that the optimum temperature is 26ºC. Bear in mind that each degree less generates between 7 and 10 per cent of electricity consumption.

Another important factor for saving energy is the cleanliness of the units, as dirty ducts and filters lead to higher electricity consumption. Regular maintenance should also be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The better the condition of the air conditioning unit the lower its electricity consumption will be.

Also, installing curtains and blinds that block out the sunlight also helps to reduce electricity consumption.

Vegetation to combat the heat

As we all learned at school, plants oxygenate the air, helping to regulate the temperature. Why not use plants to combat the heat? Both inside and out they carry out this function; from flowerpots and planters to small kitchen gardens in the courtyard or on the terrace.

Plants act as natural humidifiers that, in addition to refreshing the air, help to equilibrate the level of humidity. In this way, plants absorb part of the heat.

So, at Testa Residencial, we encourage you to put a plant in your life! You will be cooler and will also enjoy a decorative item that provides life and colour. And, if there are green spaces in the communal areas or surroundings of your gated residential community, use them! There is nothing better than taking a walk or spending a pleasant moment among greenery at sunset.

So, this summer avoid the heat efficiently! And don’t forget tried and trusted remedies. In a heat wave, what better than going for a swim in the pool of the gated residential community. Often, a good dip is the best way to combat the heat. Remember to always take care and protect yourself from the sun.

Enjoy the summer!

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