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Testa Residencial offers the best value for money rental properties (fully renovated or in good condition) in top locations in the main cities in Spain and the commitment and expertise of some of the property sector’s best professionals.

But not only that, ‘as a Testa client’, the tenants of Spain’s number one rental housing property company can benefit from the discounts and special terms and conditions offered by our associates

1. As a client of Testa you can save on electricity and gas with Selectra

Selectra takes care of everything to do with supplies of electricity and gas for Testa Residencial clients. From the initial contract to a reduction in the current tariff – exclusively for Testa clients,

Thanks to this service, Testa tenants save not only money but also, and what is for many more important, time!

2. As a client of Testa you can save on home insurance with Seguros Bilbao

Testa Residencial tenants can save on their home insurance with an individualised insurance policy with Seguros Bilbao: an ad-hoc policy in line with your needs offering the best coverage and price.

3. As a client of Testa you can benefit from special terms and conditions with Banco Santander

If you bank with Banco Santander, as a client of Testa you can benefit from special terms and conditions for your bank account or improved financing. Also, if you need a bank guarantee you will find unrivalled terms and conditions. Consult all the advantages offered by Banco Santander’s Exclusivos’ programme for clients of Testa Residencial.

4. As a client of Testa you can enjoy discounts on furniture hire with Home Essentials

For Testa Residencial tenants in Madrid, Home Essentials offers discounts of between 35 and 45 per cent on standard prices for the hire of furniture, household appliances, equipment and accessories. Just for being a Testa client.

So, if you want to enjoy a home in every sense of the word, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Testa Residencial provides not only properties but also facilities so your house becomes your home.

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