In the middle of the ‘high season’ for moving house….

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Some bits of advice to make your move a success

Did you know that there is a ‘high season’ for moving house? It lasts from June to October. In the middle of the 2018 high season we would like to share some tips with you to make your move a success.

At Testa Residencial we have witnessed and taken part in many house moves. So, if you are moving to one of our flats follow our advice to make your move a success.

First of all……

Plan your move as far ahead as possible, establishing deadlines and goals. Set the moving day. If you have time, set goals for the previous days. For example, on Monday, pack the contents of the kitchen, on Tuesday the contents of the living room. And do the same at your new home. Set goals and deadlines. Unpacking everything in a single day is a lot of work but you can’t live in the middle of a load of packing boxes either. So, plan what day you are going to unpack and install each room.

Step 1 – The lighter the load the better

When it comes to packing boxes, stop a moment. You are sure to have accumulated a load of things you didn’t even know you had. Now is a good time to declutter. Get rid of everything that you don’t want or use, or that is not useful or you don’t like. Your back will be grateful!

Step 2 – Clean your new home

Before moving any furniture or boxes into your new Testa home, clean it first. This will make it easier to face a task that most people hate.

Step 3 – Separate the most important stuff

Prepare two kits separately from the rest of the boxes. One should contain essentials, especially if the move is going to last more than one day. These should include all you need to get by in a new home full of unpacked boxes; things such as your pyjamas, a wash bag, the phone charger, etc.

The other kit should contain stuff which is really important for you. If you lost it during the move it would be a disaster. The computer, objects of financial and sentimental value, important documents, etc.

If possible, take these kits with you and clearly identify them.

Step 4 – When it comes to packing, organise yourself

To make it easy to install all your belongings, pack the boxes by rooms or even by pieces of furniture. Start, for example, with the shelves on the left in the living room, putting everything in a single box. And don’t forget to label it with the contents! This will make it easier to install everything quickly when it comes to unpacking.

Try and group all fragile objects (glass, pottery, etc.) together in a single box.

Step 5 – Each box in its place

When you arrive at one of our properties, leave each box in the corresponding room. Don’t pile them all up in one room. Remember: organisation!

And most importantly…………..Don’t let it all overwhelm you! Moving house may seem tiresome but remember that it is the beginning of something new you are sure to have been looking forward to.

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