Flats with swimming pool in Madrid, the best option for the summer

Are you from Madrid? Do you remember your childhood summers in the city? In those days going to the swimming pool was a special occasion and you enjoyed hours and hours splashing about and having a laugh with your friends. Decades ago, many inhabitants of Madrid had no choice but to do this only at the weekend, by going to public swimming pools.

And now you are a parent, you would like your children to have the same sensation but… Every day! This is possible if, when renting a home, you consider looking for flats with a swimming pool in Madrid.

The summer is here at last, that long-awaited time of year when we are all happier, and enjoy our social life with friends and the sun much more.

With the arrival of the summer, the lucky ones go on holiday to the beach or the countryside. Others, however, have to stay in the city but that does not mean we cannot have fun, even without a beach.

According to a survey carried out by the Area of Economy and Employment of the Community of Madrid, six out of ten inhabitants of Madrid (62.5 per cent) go on holiday in the summer.  If you are one of the almost 40 per cent who stay in Madrid at this time of year, you can also enjoy and make the most of a refreshing summer in order to recharge your batteries ahead of September.

So, if you are looking for a rental property this summer flats with swimming pool in Madrid are a very good option for those who want to continue to enjoy the summer in the capital.  At this time of year, many of us have a shorter working day in our jobs that allows us to better enjoy the afternoons of July and August.

For this reason gated residential communities become a very good option, as, despite living in a city, you can enjoy many of their benefits such as, for example, garden and leisure areas, sports facilities such as tennis and paddle tennis courts, and large communal spaces. So that you and your children can enjoy your free time in the summer in a pleasant and safe environment.

Flats with swimming pool in Madrid with Testa Residencial

Living in a gated residential community offers many advantages, but not only in the summer. In cooler times of the year such as the autumn and spring you can also enjoy the large green and leisure areas they offer. So, why not consider living in a gated residential community?

At Testa Residencial we have a wide range of rental homes available in Madrid, with a large variety of properties perfectly adjusted to your needs in several areas such as, for example, Conde de Orgaz, Ensanche de Vallecas, Julián Camarillo, Alcalá, etc. And if what you want to do is live in the outskirts, you will also find a wide range of available flats with swimming pool in Madrid, in towns close to the capital, such as Las Rozas, Getafe and Móstoles, among many others. Discover the wide variety of available properties and enjoy a summer full of dips in the pool.

Living in Madrid in the summer can be a very agreeable experience if you have the necessary comforts. One of the most pleasant summer routines is to arrive home from work, grab that book you like so much and your swimsuit and go down to the pool for a mid-afternoon dip to refresh yourself or take a walk at sunset in the gardens and green spaces to enjoy the gentle summer night breeze.

Do you want to spend a refreshing summer in the city and have fun with your family? We recommend you consider renting a flat with swimming pool in Madrid, a great opportunity to enjoy residential areas with all the advantages and comforts for the whole year.

There is nothing better than a summer dip to sleep comfortably this summer in Madrid!

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