Looking to rent a flat in Madrid with a smart mailbox? We can help

Flat Rent Madrid | Smart-Mailbox

E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular with a large section of the population choosing to shop online. It’s quick and easy; all it takes is a click. The only downside……… you have to be home to receive the order!

At Testa Residencial we have found a way to help our tenants with this problem. We have begun to include smart mailboxes in our developments in addition to traditional ones. Some of our developments in Madrid such as those located in Conde de Orgaz, Plaza de Castilla and Ensanche de Vallecas already have them and we expect to extend their use to other developments.

But what is a smart mailbox? It enables the secure delivery of mail packages. Our smart mailboxes remain securely closed after a delivery and the tenant receives a notification via an app that includes a code for collecting the package.

So, if you are looking to rent a flat in Madrid and you do a lot of shopping online, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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