A Christmas to remember in the warmth of home


That’s our goal at Testa Residencial. It is the leitmotiv of our activity. “Creating homes” is our motto and we hope you all enjoy the holidays in the best place to be, your home.

It’s Christmas! The time of year when the warmth of home is the most important thing.

The advertisers remind us of this each December. “Going home for Christmas” is the goal of all families.

We think home is the most important aspect of Christmas. More important than the food, the tree or the presents! A cosy place in which to spend time with our loved ones.

At Testa Residencial we work all year with this in mind. Our efforts in the residential rental market are aimed at creating homes, a concept which, while reaching its greatest importance at this time of year, we strive for throughout the year.

Throughout our history, we have been witnesses to heart-warming reunions for which we have been proud to provide a warm home for all the family.

Grandparents who arrive overflowing with hugs for their grandchildren. Young students spending the holidays in the best possible destination. Brothers and sisters who live far away and whom we rarely see during the rest of the year. Nephews and nieces who have grown taller since the previous Christmas. Uncles and aunts, cousins, etc.

All come together in a space that could not be better. Because there is nothing like returning home to the family. The best company in the best possible location.

We are pleased to feel part of it. To feel we are contributing to creating a moment that will live on in the memory of all for all their lives. Because creating “spaces” that become part of your memory motivates us to continue working.

So, from Testa Residencial we hope this Christmas will be one to remember!

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