Bed linen to keep your rental home snug and warm

It’s official. Winter has arrived in some parts of Spain. And in others it is about to do so. Although in some areas of the country a light bedspread will suffice all year round, in many regions sleeping without winter bed linen at this time of year can lead to you catching a cold.

When it comes to keeping warm at night, it’s not only the temperature but also each person’s individual preferences that are important. In other words, how do you prefer to sleep? Feeling the weight of a thick quilt? Or do you prefer light bed linen in order to be able to move without problems?

So, when choosing bed linen for your rental home this winter take into account the following factors.

The temperature of the house at night

Even in areas where winter temperatures are low, and more so at night, many people prefer to sleep without heating. A hot bedroom can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

So, if your bedroom is cold at night, you can opt for thermal or microfiber sheets. The advantage of thermal sheets is that you don’t have to wait for the bed to heat up, which is very pleasant as you don’t need to spend several minutes shivering until it begins to get warm. However, this kind of sheet can be uncomfortable for those who suffer from blood flow problems or women going through the menopause.

A heavy or a light blanket?

If you like heavy bed linen, the best option is a classic blanket. If, on the other hand, you like to be able to move about freely, your best bet is a duvet without a sheet, also the best option for people with mobility problems.

Looks are also important

Think how you like to see your bed. It won’t look the same with a duvet as with a bedspread. What about the pillows and throws? Do you want them to match? Or don’t you mind? Or are you one of those who think “variety is the spice of life”? Combine sheets, blankets, bedspreads, quilts and pillows according to your tastes.

The kids’ bedroom

Children’s skin is usually more sensitive than adults’, so cotton sheets are best, especially if your child has skin problems such as dermatitis.

If they don’t have any skin problems, however, you could also consider other materials, such as flannel sheets; very warm from the first minute they get into bed.

We at Testa Residencial hope these bits of advice on how to keep your rental home snug and warm on these cold winter nights have been of use. We want you to enjoy a wonderful autumn and winter in the warmth of your home.

And talking about the warmth of a home in winter, remember certain aspects of energy consumption, as this usually increases at this time of year, as does the size of the bill.

However, it is possible to avoid big fluctuations in temperature and cost. You just have to consider certain measures aimed at energy efficiency. It is possible to save energy.

When regulating the temperature keep it constant. It is better to maintain the same moderate temperature than to keep turning the heating on and off, or increase the temperature suddenly. This causes higher consumption.

Window insulation is also important so the heat can’t escape, in addition to putting rugs on the floor. As regards the radiators, it is best to bleed them at least once a year, and it is best to do this at the beginning of the winter.

If you follow all these bits of advice, you will enjoy a cosy winter in your rental home.

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