Back to school, a good time to redecorate your child’s bedroom

Vuelta al Cole: Redecora la Habitación del Pequeño | Alquiler de Vivienda

Is your child starting pre-school this year? Or moving up to primary school? Whatever the case, they are sure to need more space

The summer is drawing to a close; September is here and with it “the return”. The return from holiday, the return to work, the return to the daily routine and… the most important return of all, the return to school.

Feared by some children it is also eagerly awaited by others: by the youngest because it makes them feel grown up and also by many older children as it means seeing their friends again, enjoying playtimes and even enjoying some class activities!

The return to school will soon be apparent in the streets, in the traffic, in the book shops and of course at home too, especially if study space has to be found.

Is that your case? Think about it! Above all when they start primary school, children need a quiet and pleasant space in which to do their homework.

A desk is essential. And the first question is where to put it? Will it fit in the bedroom? Tape measure in hand you begin to move beds and wardrobes or consult furniture shop websites.

But, especially when children are very young, this may not be the most practical solution if we want to help them with their sums or make sure their handwriting is neat and tidy. So, why not put the desk in the living room? It usually has the most space of any room in the house.

Wherever we decide to put the desk, a crucial factor is the light. Whenever possible, we should put the desk near a window. There is nothing like natural light! The desk should have a lamp that provides the correct lighting and that should be placed on the left of the desk if the child is right-handed and on the right if they are left-handed.

And when it comes to choosing the desk itself? Many people are bound to think it best to buy a big one so that it will last. Be careful! A desk and chair that are too big can cause a child to adopt poor posture when seated and develop dreaded problems such as scoliosis; so, a desk and chair appropriate to their height and weight is the best option.

But it doesn’t end with buying a desk! There are other requirements. A place will have to be found for books, notebooks, files and an endless supply of stationery material. Pencils and pens, crayons, scissors, and glue etc. will all need to be kept somewhere as will compasses, set squares and rulers when our child reaches an age at which they need to use them. Chests of drawers and bookshelves play a key role here.

What happens when your child moves up a year? Space will have to be found for all the previous year’s school work. Books, handouts and artwork need to find their place. Some are sure to be pinned up on the walls of their bedroom or exhibited in a prominent place in the house but what about the rest? What better than a filing cabinet or drawer to keep them in perfect condition?

Has all this been of help? Think about it. We at Testa Residencial, a property company specialising in home rentals, hope these suggestions about decoration have been useful for the return to school.

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Don’t think twice!

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