Acquisitions strategy

We want to continue to grow

As part of its corporate strategy, Testa Residencial plans to continue to grow its asset portfolio, taking into account the economies of scale existing in the management of rental housing. The appropriate selection of investments is crucial to the company’s success. We follow very strict criteria when choosing and assessing investment opportunities, seeking to improve their efficiency by applying our property management practices.


What type of property do we look for?

We seek to buy properties with the following criteria:

  • Buildings containing residential properties which are rented or can be used for rental
  • Complete buildings or the majority of a building’s units
  • Sizes ranging from a minimum of 15/20 apartments to portfolios of several buildings
  • Good locations in the main metropolitan areas of Spain, and particularly in: Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Valencia, San Sebastián, Las Palmas and Palma de Mallorca


Turnkey developments

Testa Residencial is open to agreements with real estate developers to buy new buildings and use them for rental activity. We seek prime locations with strong demand for rental housing.


Contact details

If you have a building or project that meets this description, please contact our Department of Acquisitions: