Leading real estate company in the Spanish residential sector.

The acquisition of high quality assets and their efficient management are the backbone of the company, thereby striving to provide the best service to tenants, recurring return to shareholders and value enhancement of its portfolio.

The Company

Testa Residencial SOCIMI, S.A., currently owns and manages more than 9,000 residential units in the main Spanish cities and regions.

Since its creation, Testa Residencial has maintained a constant growth based on its efficient portfolio management and the integration of new assets with operational and strategic synergies.

The company is focused on optimising the operational management of its buildings, implying a better service for its tenants and also improved profitability for its shareholders.

The experience and commitment of our employees are our most valuable resources to maintain excellence and top-level performance.


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Relevant Facts

In this section you will find the communications and relevant facts sent to the CNMV and/or the corresponding regulatory body.


Audit Committee

  • Antonio Hernández Mancha (Chairman)
  • Carlos Manzano Cuesta
  • Cesareo Rey Baltar Oramas
  • Finanzas y Cartera Uno, S.L.U. (Represented by Isabel Antúnez Cid)
  • Javier Alarcó Canosa
  • Lucas Osorio Iturmendi (Secretary)

Corporate Governance

Testa’s Board of Directors recognizes the importance of a system of corporate governance. This system should guide the structure and operation of its corporate bodies for the benefit of the company and its shareholders.

  • Mr. Ignacio Moreno Martínez Chairman
  • Mr. Miguel Oñate Rino Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Wolfgang Beck Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Antonio Hernández Mancha Independent Director
  • Mr. Jose María Xercavins Lluch Independent Director
  • Mr. Javier Alarcó Canosa Independent Director
  • Ms. Azucena Viñuela Hernández Independent Director
  • Altamira Santander Real Estate, S.A. (Represented by Mr. Jaime Rodríguez Andrade) Shareholder Related
  • Finanzas y Cartera Uno, S.L.U. (Represented by Mrs. Isabel Antúnez Cid) Shareholder Related
  • Mr. Carlos Manzano Cuesta Shareholder Related
  • Mr. Cesáreo Rey-Baltar Oramas Shareholder Related
  • Mr. Lucas Osorio Iturmendi Secretary (Non-Director)